Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Visitors off all sorts, Part I

A-top Foshway Tower in downtown Minneapolis

Whilst my mum was visiting in June, I needed to figure out activities that would appeal to her. I had my usual list of museums, art exhibits, concerts, etc. that I gave to my more youthful visitors. (see my Twin Cities suggested sites) My mom drove up from Branson MO (aka Old People Vegas) to visit me in my new city. Mom, who doesn't get around as easily anymore, was a tad more challenging to create a fun-filled itinerary for than other visitors. Walking around the parks, biking, and drinks on a rooftop bar were off the table. My mom's list of fun activities: playing music at church, going on scenic drives, and...other activities that I'm supposed to know because I'm her daughter. Time to be creative!

My mom picked a few activities from the list I sent to my sister and visiting friends and added a few of her own from scouring the internet. I would never expect her to want to be atop the Foshay Tower or visit the Bell Museum of Natural History!

Day 1: Play Ball!

Her visit started as soon as she parked the car. We rushed her to free seats at the Twins vs. Kansas City Royals (thanks Germaine!). She had never been to a baseball game before--although I hadn't either before John took me on one of our first dates.

Day 2: MinneAwesome 

The next day, we had our mother-daughter bonding time with a full day of roaming Minneapolis: Foshay Tower, Bell Museum, and a driving tour of the Mill City area. She appreciated the diversity of Mpls and the cache of museums/theaters/parks we have to offer.

Day 3: Birds, Buttons & Bowls 

We spent a beautiful Saturday morning in Ft. Snelling State Park at the Birds & Binoculars free tour. I'm not much of a birder but I enjoyed learning about the Minnesota's vast aviary. I've never seen so many adults staring into the trees trying to hear harder.

John and mom humored me by going to the first-ever Mend-It Clinic sponsored by Hennepin County. Perfect place to learn how to mend zippers and sew on buttons! For lunch, mom wanted something she wouldn't normal have in Branson (but no Indian food). We took her to a hole-in-the-wall in my 'hood that serves Ethiopian. I am so proud of her for trying a food that you eat with your hands in a dank place that we had never been to. Go mom!

Then we ditched John and headed to the Eagan Art Festival. Lack of money didn't hinder my enjoyment of ceramic bowls, paintings, and lawn sculptures. (Pssst. I secretly wanted to go to check out their recycling. The coordinators had received a funding from my job to set up recycling during the event.)

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