Thursday, July 11, 2013

Visitors of All Sorts, Part Deux

We last left off with my mom somehow hobbling along after me trying to wear her out with too much to see and do. She's a trooper!

Day 4: Holy Father- & Mother-in-law
Cathedral of St. Paul

Where do you take a Catholic visiting the Twin Cities? To church of course! More specifically, St. Paul's Cathedral. We went to mass on Sunday morn to the European-style cathedral.
Fun fact: The cathedral started to be built in 1904 by the main architect from the 1904 World's Fair and was based on cathedrals in Paris and PĂ©rigueux. 
 After mass, we met John and his parents at Day by Day Cafe, a quaint diner. John said the staff are recovering addicts although I can't find any reference to that online. Wonderful food and very friendly service!

The next part of the day John would have nothing to do with. Mom and I wanted to go to the aquarium which happens to be John's worst nightmare. (Something about the glass might break and the fish that are angry for being in captivity will eat him... or something.) Since mom had never ridden public transit before (I know!), we took the Minneapolis lightrail to the Mall of America to visit the SeaLife Aquarium. At first, I was not impressed: scant life to look at; tanks not fully labeled. But once I hit the 300 ft. long ocean tunnel, I was hooked. Sharks, giant fish, and turtles were all around you; enveloping you. I also appreciated the descriptive label every 10 feet or so. They called out if the species was threatened, vulnerable or not at risk.

Day 5: Bon Voyage! 

Mom, John, and I met up at Harriet Island in St. Paul to take a cruise down the Ole Mississippi. Padelford Riverboats is one of many companies that offer hour tours up and down the Mississippi and St. Croix Rivers. We chose Padelford because of its Monday Madness sale--$8 per person! The evening was absolutely gorgeous with just the right amount of breeze wafting through the open-air top deck. Although we couldn't hear the historical announcements over the intercom due to ambient noise and people talking, we had a relaxing and very Twin Cities evening; a perfect end to a trip with my mom.

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