Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thank God for Robin

I could not have moved to Minneapolis without my good friend, Robin. I'm so grateful for her support and love throughout this exciting yet scary transition. She helped me follow my instincts. She put up with my temper tantrum when I got the trailer stuck. She helped me drug my cats. She drove a 16' trailer with car in tow across the country for no good reason but because she cares.  I couldn't have asked for a better companion!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Finding My New Home

My new place!
How to find an apartment 1,000 miles away? Not possible. Well, I guess it is possible but I couldn't get the feel of a place from a few pictures on the internet. My plan: find a bunch of places I like online and make appointments for the few days I have between arriving in Minneapolis and starting work.

What I want:

  • Historic preferably brownstone
  • Close to downtown Minneapolis
  • Near Cedar Ave. 
  • 1-bedroom 
  • Hopefully in Whittier, Nakomis, Powderhorn, Phillips, Longfellow
After scouring,, and Craigslist, I narrowed my list down and called the managing companies to set up appointments. Not all my picks were available for Sept. 1 but I got a firm list of 4 to look at. I also got pre-approved at a few property management companies so I wouldn't have to wait if I liked the apartment. Whew! 

Robin and I woke bright and early on Saturday to start the hunt. Starting with Whittier, we saw a few 1920s apartments. They were a little pricier, parking was scarce, and the neighborhood was a bit whiter than I'm used to. We looked at complex in Bloomington that was the exact opposite of what I wanted: isolated "community" with a pool and social nights. Slightly discouraged, we started driving towards Stevan's Square for the last appointment of the day. I had heard that Steven's Square might not be the best neighbhorhood for a single while lady, but I am coming from Pueblo. 

We decided to drive through Powderhorn and Phillips before. I really like this neighborhood. It just feels right. Suddenly, I got a call from the woman meeting us checking to confirm. She said I might be interested in an apartment that just opened up in....Powderhorn! 

As soon as we pulled up to the three story brownstone across situated across from a large, quiet park, I was hooked. I didn't even need to see the apartment. I wanted to be here. The woman from The Apartment Shop showed us the 1-bed/1-bath with hardwood floors, and plenty of storage. Other good news: it was $100 cheaper than the other places and it has off street parking. I signed that day and I was ready to move! 

Bad news: I had to wait till Wednesday to move--my first day of work!

Friday, November 9, 2012

To MN We Go!

Somehow Robin and I made it 1,000 miles driving a car, hauling a car, and comforting 2 cats. I've learned that Ivy is a master (mistress?) of hiding. At the Ogallala Super 8, she somehow found a hole in the fabric under the boxspring and decided that was the perfect place to hide. This was after I already drugged her before we were set to leave. Robin and I furiously tried to coax her out before she passed out inside the bed. It worked although it was more than I wanted to deal with at 8am pre-coffee.

The cats were relatively calm on the drive (the tranquilizers helped). Poor babies had to hauled in and out of hotel rooms and drugged four times over two days. If only my journey was that easy.

Ivy and Tank. Not amused.
We had one adventure in Nebraska. I got it into my head that I wanted a coffee and I wanted to get it at a local shop downtown. Seriously, Jenny? Downtown with a truck and trailer? Yep. I don't know how Robin didn't smack me. It worked out though and I'll never try to maneuver one way streets downtown while hauling again.

Besides the obnoxious Nebraska drivers, the drive was hassle free. We saw wind turbines in Iowa and picture perfect farmland. After 20 hours of driving, we finally made it: my new home, Minneapolis.

l'Hôtel à Bloomington (The Hotel in Bloomington)

Robin picked out a wonderfully modern hotel for us to stay in Minneapolis. It was actually in Bloomington, south of Minneapolis.  We didn't want to have to drive a Penske truck into the city. The Sofitel is a French-themed hotel with brutalist architecture. It reminded me of Hannah (French) and Wade (architecture). We stayed here for 5 days! The cats got to relax a bit at least.

My car on MN soil

I remember when we loaded my wee Toyota Tercel onto the trailer Johnmark said, "The next time you drive this car it will be in Minneapolis."