State Parks Count Down

I plan to visit all 62 Minnesota state parks!

The Master List

  1. Afton State Park
  2. Banning State Park
  3. Bear Head Lake State Park
  4. Beaver Creek Valley State Park
  5. Big Island State Park
  6. Big Stone Lake State Park
  7. Blue Mounds State Park
  8. Buffalo River State Park
  9. Camden State Park
  10. Carley State Park
  11. Cascade River State Park
  12. Charles A Lindbergh State Park
  13. Crow Wing State Park
  14. Father Hennepin State Park
  15. Flandrau State Park
  16. Forestville / Mystery Cave State Park
  17. Fort Ridgely State Park
  18. Fort Snelling State Park
  19. Franz Jevne State Park
  20. Frontenac State Park
  21. George H Crosby Manitou State Park
  22. Glacial Lakes State Park
  23. Glendalough State Park
  24. Gooseberry Falls State Park 
  25. Grand Island State Park
  26. Grand Portage State Park
  27. Great River Bluffs State Park
  28. Hayes Lake State Park
  29. Hill Annex Mine State Park
  30. Interstate State Park
  31. Itasca State Park
  32. Jay Cooke State Park
  33. John A. Latsch State Park
  34. Judge C R Magney State Park
  35. Kilen Woods State Park
  36. Lac Qui Parle State Park
  37. Lake Bemidji State Park
  38. Lake Bronson State Park
  39. Lake Carlos State Park
  40. Lake Louise State Park
  41. Lake Maria State Park 
  42. Lake Shetek State Park
  43. Lake Vermillion State Park
  44. Maplewood State Park
  45. McCarthy Beach State Park
  46. Mille Lacs Kathio State Park
  47. Minneopa State Park
  48. Monson Lake State Park
  49. Moose Lake State Park
  50. Nerstrand Big Woods State Park
  51. Old Mill State Park
  52. Rice Lake State Park
  53. Sakatah Lake State Park
  54. Savanna Portage State Park 
  55. Scenic State Park
  56. Schoolcraft State Park
  57. Sibley State Park
  58. Soudan Underground Mine State Park
  59. Split Rock Creek State Park
  60. Split Rock Lighthouse State Park
  61. St Croix State Park
  62. Temperance River State Park
  63. Tettegouche State Park
  64. Upper Sioux Agency State Park
  65. Whitewater State Park
  66. Wild River State Park
  67. William O'Brien State Park
  68. Zippel Bay State Park

Visited so far:

1. Afton State Park

Date: October 2013
Location: Central east, near Wisconsin border
Company: none-Solo trip!
Key features: St. Croix River and foliage watching
Best moment: Witnessing oranges and reds that I had never seen before in nature.

2. Split Rock Lighthouse State Park

Date: May 26, 2013
Location: North MN, North Shore
Company: John CW
Key features: Lake Superior shoreline, views of lighthouse, Superior Hiking Trail
Best moment: Seeing the lighthouse from the shore and stepping on all the perfectly oval beach rocks.

3. Gooseberry Falls State Park

Date: May 26, 2013
Location: North MN, North Shore
Company: John CW
Key Feature: 5 different water falls, Superior Hiking Trail
Best moment: Finding the Fifth Falls after a relatively short 2 mile hike. Peaceful and gorgeous!

4. Ft. Snelling State Park

Date: June 29, 2013
Location: Twin Cities
Company: My mom, John CW
Key Feature: Historic fort, excellent trails, Nice Ride bike rental, wonderful park programs
Best moment: Finally finding birds to view with our binoculars at the Birds & Binoculars Tour.

5. Savannah Portage State Park

Date: July 7, 2013
Location: Outsdie McGreggor; 30 min west of Duluth
Company: John CW
Key Feature: Continental Divide trail, lovely little lake
Best moment: Seeing my first wild iris!

6. Nerstrand Big Woods State Park

Date: October 12, 2013
Location: near Northfield
Company: John CW
Key feature: small waterfall, endemic Dwarf Trout Lily
Best moment: watching two does prance over the trail straight ahead of us

7. Lake Maria State Park

Date: May 28, 2014
Location: half hour south of St. Cloud
Company: John CW
Key feature: Big Woods, lots of turtles, endangered Blanding's turtle
Best Moment: seeing turtle cross the road

8. Whitewater State Park
Date: August 15, 2014
Location: half hour east of Rockester (Southeast MN)
Company: just me!
Key feature: Whitewater River, dolomite bluffs, overlooks
Best Moment: looking out over my first bluff

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