Things To Do

Minnesota reminds me a lot of Colorado in that there's lots to do outdoors but we still have a bit of culture to entertain us.

Here is my Spring list that I gave to my sister and best friend when they came to visit. It has more indoor attractions since the cold lasted longer this year. Summer is a whole different set of activities!

2013 To-do list for summer:

  1. Drag Queen Bingo 
  2. Show John the mountains (Aug) 
  3. Movie in the Park  Check it out here
  4. Night bike riding with friends
  5. Buy a bike
  6. Visit 5 state parks
  7. Go camping
  8. Yoga in the park
  9. Take a tour with the Historical Society 
  10. Rock out at Rock the Garden (June 21) --Oh, yeah!
  11. Ride to/through Open Streets
  12. Pick berries 
  13. Sew something
  14. Visit possible wedding venues
  15. Enjoy peanuts and Cracker Jacks at Target Field Done! See here
  16. Take a hike 
  17. Ring in 75 years at the Aquatennial (July 18-26)
  18. See a concert at a new venue 
  19. Paint and wine with friends
  20. Canoe or kayak or other water activity So Good! 
  21. Party down at the State Fair (Aug.) 
  22. Try out biking to work 
  23. Be stunned at the Fringe Festival (July 31-Aug 10)
  24. Attend a Sierra Club outing
  25. Sit at a coffeeshop patio and do nothing

2013 To-do list for summer:

Jenny's 2013 Attractions and General To-dos
  1. Attend the May Day Parade (May) Done!
  2. Bike the the whole length of the Midtown Greenway
  3. Drag Queen Bingo 
  4. Buy some goodies at the Powderhorn Art Fair (Aug. 3-4) See what I got here
  5. Visit a few farmers markets 
  6. Take a free State Capitol tour
  7. Movie in the Park See what happened here
  8. Concert at Lake Harriet Bandshell I did and saw a movie
  9. Night bike riding with friends
  10. Stay up late at Northern Spark (June 8) Fun times seen here!
  11. Visit 5 state parks
  12. Go camping
  13. Lawn bowling at Brit's Pub Does bocce ball count? 
  14. Take a tour with the Historical Society 
  15. Host a nature hike for Couchsurfing 
  16. Mini golfing at the Walker Read all about it here!
  17. Rock out at Rock the Garden (June 15) 
  18. Canoe or kayak or both Done (barely!)
  19. Check out the Aquatennial (July 12-20)
  20. Party down at the State Fair (Aug.) 
  21. Gawk at the Art Car Parade (July 20) Done! Check it out
  22. Swim at Lebanon Hills Regional Park I swam at Lake Snelling instead
  23. Dance at the Wabasha Street Cave Swing Night
  24. Attend a Sierra Club outing
  25. Sit on a patio and people watch with no where to go I did and it was glorious!

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