Wednesday, July 31, 2013

People Do This!?

People decorate their cars here! Well not everyone, only the cool people and you can see them all at the annual Art Car Parade. I've been looking forward to see all the art-on-wheels roll by all at the same time. The "parade" is more of a thrown-together take-over of a street that hugs Lake Calhoun for cars and bikes decked out.

John and I were also enjoying the last of Aquatennial on Saturday. We missed all the other events during the 10-day celebration of Minneapolis mostly because....I forgot it was happening. But we did catch the free admission day at the Bakken Museum. (Side note: this museum is awesome! I recommend adults and kids going for hands on learning/fun about electricity.) We relaxed on Lake Calhoun before the parade starting by getting some grub at Bread n' Pickle and laying around on a blanket in the grass. Sigh....good times. 

The parade was cool for the mere 20 minutes it lasted. We saw about 15 cars with themed paintings and adornments including one wiht dominoes glued all over it, a VW Bug decorated in fairies, and a car-turned-Yellow-Submarine. Noticeably missing were the vehicles seen around town decorated all year: the van covered in astro turf, the car with seashells, etc. Enjoyable on a summer's eve but nothing I'd get turbo-excited about. I am excited about decorating my car for next year!!!!

Things To Do List

19. Check out the Aquatennial (July 12-20) Kinda done
21. Gawk at the Art Car Parade (July 20) DONE!

The Cars 

Yellow Submarine with Beatles music blaring 

This guy makes bikes that also transport your dog!

A turtle car--not E.T. as I had originally thought

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