Sunday, June 16, 2013

7. Movie in the Park

Hooray! #7 Movie in the Park was all that I knew it could be! Another activity to mark off on the Things To-Do list. 

Minneapolis Parks and Rec coordinates an intense schedule of bands and movies from June through August set in many of Minneapolis' parks. They inflate a gigantic, portable screen in under a minute and then project the movie. 

I tried to catch a showing of The Princess Bride in Powderhorn Park last week, but the constant rain ruined that. Luckily, my friends had scheduled a get together to watch The Mighty Ducks at Lake Harriet Bandshell. My friend is a total Mighty Ducks nut so it was the perfect opportunity to get together on a blanket and laugh about silly 90s moments. 

Mighty Ducks was part of the Minnesota Connections theme this year. Movies with links to the Land of Lakes are Mighty Ducks, Grumpy Old Men, Miracle, Little Women, Moneyball, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Back to the Future, and Toy Story. So what is the Mighty Ducks connection, you ask? The movie was filmed in the Twin Cities, which made it more fun to watch. My MN friends could recognize places like the old Met Center and the Winter Carnival. You can still go to Mickey's Diner in downtown St. Paul to get a bite. 

Best part: chanting "Quack! Quack! Quack!" along with hundreds of strangers and Emilio Estevez. 

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