Sunday, January 6, 2013

Haircut in the City

I dread getting a haircut. I especially loathe finding a new hair stylist. I've been traumatized by so many bad Fantastic Sams cuts as a kid (thanks mom). Luckily I stumbled upon Janelle at Trendsetters in Pueblo. She's been cutting my tresses for years and I actually started liking getting my haircut.

Then I moved to a city with a salon on every corner and a new decision to make: who will cut my hair? Jess, my boyfriend's sister, recommended a friend of hers. With the split ends branching more every day, I had to make an appointment. I even took a risk and got some swooshy bangs. Marcy Darling (her real name) from Salon Le Terre did a great job. I felt at ease with her chattiness and approve of my hair. What do you think?

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