Sunday, December 9, 2012

Snow Emergency? WTF?

It's finally snowed a bunch in Minneapolis. We might get 15" in a day! The Governor has declared a Snow Emergency. In Colorado, a Snow Emergency is as simple as don't call emergency vehicles for minor crashes. You have 30 days to report the accident.

Snow Emergency in Minnesota? A little different...

What I've learned:
1) Know where to park. 
From the MN Transportation Dept. Your car will be ticketed and towed if it's in the wrong spot.
Day 1, 9pm-8pm: Don't park on street with red Snow Emergency signs until it is fully plowed.
Day 2, 8am-8pm: Don't park on EVEN sides of non-Snow Emergency streets. Don't park on the sides of parkways.
Day 3, 8am-8pm: Don't park on ODD sides of non-Snow Emergency streets.
Day 4: If it's still snowing, you're f*#%ed.

2) People own snow blowers--and use them!
I'm never seen so many snow blowers in use. I can definitely understand why they're used after a foot of snow falls and you have a corner lot.

3) You have to shovel your sidewalks.
Property owners are required to clear sidewalks of ice and snow within 24 hours for homes and duplexes and within 4 hours for apartment and commercial buildings.

4) You have to use your headlights in rain and snow.
It is illegal to drive without your headlights on in the rain or snow. And it's also smart. So turn your lights on idiot!

5) Pedestrians walk in the streets more. 
It's just easier walking in the street instead of waiting for the sidewalks to be shoveled. Luckily, I lived in Pueblo for 10 years where no one uses sidewalks.

Did I miss anything?

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