Friday, January 10, 2014

My first white Christmas

I stayed hunkered down in the Midwest for the holidays. After spending Thanksgiving with my mom in Branson, I promised John that we could celebrate Christmas with his family. I was a little melancholy at first; I didn't have any of my traditions here. I was excited to join in John's family's traditions, but I wanted my own, too.

One of the activities that I look forward to every year is a mani-pedi on Christmas Eve with my sister, our friend Kathleen, and the other lovely ladies during my Dallas vacation (wine included, of course). I would have never done this on my own--I hadn't even had my nails done before--but now I can't wait for a little girl time and pretty nails. Although I wasn't in Dallas to enjoy the polish festivities, I decided to make my own fabulous tradition in Minneapolis. Germaine and I went to get pampered and sip wine. What a great start to Christmas!

Another new tradition with John: visiting the Como Zoo on Christmas Day. We saw a polar bear playing outside in the snow and seals playing in the water. We had to strip off layers in the Tropics area and greenhouses. We even saw a sloth! Perfect Christmas morning! The rest of the day I could share in John's family traditions: gifts, dinner, drinks and quality time.

As my blog title suggest, this was, in fact, my first white Christmas. But didn't I grow up in Colorado? Yes, but surprisingly it doesn't snow around Christmas. I've had many (too many) white Halloweens, but never a snowy day on Christmas. Minnesota's holiday produces perfect, fluffy snow. It's all I could talk about!

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