Friday, September 27, 2013

How to turn 30

I was dreading my 30 birthday. I don't know why; it's never been a big deal for me. But the months leading up to my Virgo birth date, brought on shortness of breath, headaches, and a few tears.  I wasn't necessarily scared to turn 30 but hated to do it without my clan of friends from Colorado. I decided to not fear this ominous and irreversible event, but take it on with as much excitement as possible.

My birthday week--yes WEEK--was one to remember; however, I could never have made so many happy memories by myself. The bright red cherry on my birthday sundae was conspired by my wonderful boyfriend. He helped fly one of my best friends out from Colorado to share in the 30-something festivities. I can't begin to describe how much it meant to see a supportive face that has been there for me for years. I love my new Minnesotan friends. I also desperately needed some Colorado love. Dreams come true!

Bday Minus 5 Days

Germaine, John, and I enjoyed the rarely-heard-now Minnesota Orchestra at the Harriet Bandshell. The sunny, breezy day was perfect for listening to classical music in the open air with thousands of other people. Germaine packed a lovely picnic basket and let the sounds roll over us.

Bday Minus 2 Days

I was still getting over a severe head cold but couldn't resist joining my friend Rachel for dinner. Her, Ben, John, and I went to Merlin's Rest for a pub meal, draught beer, and challenging trivia. This is where John and I met one year ago tomorrow. A very special trivia night that was our beginning.

Bday Minus 1 Day

My birthday isn't the only celebration this week. John and I have now been together for one year. We had a lovely evening at the Minneapolis Institute of Art's Third Thursdays. The theme was LOL with special interactive exhibits, a band, and beer. Then we went to the restaurant of our first date: Tum Rup Thai. I've been looking forward to going back here for a year. It's so good!


John woke me on Friday with a small token to get my birthday started; a shiny necklace and earrings. Then I strolled into work with a smile and chocolate zucchini brownies. I actually always liked going to work or school on my birthday. It gets all involved (whether they like it or not). My bosses were out for my bday and it was pretty relaxed. I met co-workers for lunch at Red Robin 'cause I got a free meal for the occasion. John was also scheduled to meet us there. But he wasn't alone. My friend Hannah from Colorado followed him into the restaurant .WHAT?!?! He helped fly my friend in for the weekend. I almost screamed with glee! The rest of the lunch was a blur and I couldn't stop smiling.

I ditched work for the rest of the day and hung out with Hannah. Since she is my very 50s vintage friend, I knew it would be a weekend of exploring vintage stores and thrift shops. We stopped by a few after we got settled at my apartment.

Brewery tour to celebrate! We met some other friends in Northeast and made our hoppy way to three breweries: Dangerous Man, Indeed, and 612 Brew. By far, Indeed had the best beer and atmosphere. For some reason, you don't get free drinks after your 20s for your birthday. I know this now. Great beer, great friends, awesome birthday!

Bday plus 1 day

Hannah, John, and I picked up Germaine after eating delicious breakfast at Bad Waitress. Off we went to the Hastings area to the Carpenter Nature Center to meet Sarah and Ashely. The morning was perfect for an easy hike around the St. Croix River then apple picking at the nearby orchard, Fischer's. Fabulous start to the first day of fall!

More vintage shopping... Indian rental and relaxing at my apartment.

Bday plus 2 days

Brunch at Modern Times and more vintage shopping. Our big tourist activity was visiting the state capitol, which surprisingly non of my other friends/family were interested in seeing. I wish we had had more time but it was fun to peek in. That got us hungry for Ethiopian food. The breezy evening and full moon motivated us to stroll along the stone arch bridge.

Bday plus 3 days

Saddest day. I had to drop off Hannah at the airport today, but first we enjoyed a frou frou donut at Glam Donuts and homeless people at the Central library. Sigh. I'll miss you my sassy friend!

Bday plus 4 days

To end the week of 30 something fun, I met friends at Acme Comedy Club. They give you and 5 friends free tickets to a show Tues-Thurs. I think laughing hysterically was the appropriate beginning to my 30s.

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