Friday, November 9, 2012

To MN We Go!

Somehow Robin and I made it 1,000 miles driving a car, hauling a car, and comforting 2 cats. I've learned that Ivy is a master (mistress?) of hiding. At the Ogallala Super 8, she somehow found a hole in the fabric under the boxspring and decided that was the perfect place to hide. This was after I already drugged her before we were set to leave. Robin and I furiously tried to coax her out before she passed out inside the bed. It worked although it was more than I wanted to deal with at 8am pre-coffee.

The cats were relatively calm on the drive (the tranquilizers helped). Poor babies had to hauled in and out of hotel rooms and drugged four times over two days. If only my journey was that easy.

Ivy and Tank. Not amused.
We had one adventure in Nebraska. I got it into my head that I wanted a coffee and I wanted to get it at a local shop downtown. Seriously, Jenny? Downtown with a truck and trailer? Yep. I don't know how Robin didn't smack me. It worked out though and I'll never try to maneuver one way streets downtown while hauling again.

Besides the obnoxious Nebraska drivers, the drive was hassle free. We saw wind turbines in Iowa and picture perfect farmland. After 20 hours of driving, we finally made it: my new home, Minneapolis.

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